New Review by Eric Thom of Blurt Online

Eric Thom of Blurt Online has written and extensive and thoughtful review of Worth the Wait. Here are a couple excerpts:

"Kendrick’s voice grows on you in record time – its distinctive sharpness molding itself into a gentle yet expressive warmth well-suited to the honest edge of her lyrics. Add in (husband) Dan Rowe’s whisper-soft harmonies and the shivers come fast and furious as each song bursts into full blossom, given smart, tidy arrangements with a rich, full-band sound distinguished by a gentle bed of banjo and acoustic guitars."

"Goodbye Blue is a celebration of pastoral life, aided and abetted by the real-life drama of family life and grown-up challenges. In short, whether it leans on folk, country or bluegrass influences, there’s an intimacy and honesty to what’s going on here in untold proportions. It’s a far cry from the cutesy songs about kids around the campfire that so many others can’t seem to avoid. There are no dragons or ooey-gooey spiders required, nor would they make sense here. It’s simply a lovely, downhome take on life as we know it by a talented couple with kids, tastefully supported by equally talented friends. As such, it hits a nerve with anyone who copes with the real world on a positive, realistic basis, making it an encouraging salve against the weariness that sometimes comes with the territory."

You can read the full review here.

Thank you Eric!