2016 Holiday Shows 

We've got two great shows coming up this weekend for the holidays, and hope you can make it out!

Friday December 9, 8pm 

The Outpost in the Burbs 


67 Church Street 

Montclair, NJ 07042 

Opening for Lucy Kaplansky 

Buy tickets here 

Sunday, December 11, 7pm 

Rockwood Music Hall 

Stage 1 

196 Allen Street 

NY, NY 10002

New Review by Eric Thom of Blurt Online 

Eric Thom of Blurt Online has written and extensive and thoughtful review of Worth the Wait. Here are a couple excerpts:

"Kendrick’s voice grows on you in record time – its distinctive sharpness molding itself into a gentle yet expressive warmth well-suited to the honest edge of her lyrics. Add in (husband) Dan Rowe’s whisper-soft harmonies and the shivers come fast and furious as each song bursts into full blossom, given smart, tidy arrangements with a rich, full-band sound distinguished by a gentle bed of banjo and acoustic guitars."

"Goodbye Blue is a celebration of pastoral life, aided and abetted by the real-life drama of family life and grown-up challenges. In short, whether it leans on folk, country or bluegrass influences, there’s an intimacy and honesty to what’s going on here in untold proportions. It’s a far cry from the cutesy songs about kids around the campfire that so many others can’t seem to avoid. There are no dragons or ooey-gooey spiders required, nor would they make sense here. It’s simply a lovely, downhome take on life as we know it by a talented couple with kids, tastefully supported by equally talented friends. As such, it hits a nerve with anyone who copes with the real world on a positive, realistic basis, making it an encouraging salve against the weariness that sometimes comes with the territory."

You can read the full review here.

Thank you Eric!

Live Interview on Music Friday Live 

Catch our interview 6/10/16  on the national radio show, Music Friday . Host  Patrick O’Heffernan will be talking with us and playing our tunes at 2:30 PM ET. You can tune in online at  www.blogtalkradiocom/musicfriday.  Call in at 347-215-7511 or email questions live to  to be read on the air, or post a comment on the program’s Facebook Page or the Twitter feed.

Radio? Still going strong.... 

We continue to get a great amount of radio play on Folk Radio.

This week Roots Music Report has us at:

-  # 12 album on Top 50 Folk Album Chart 

-  # 2 album on Top 50 Alternative Folk Album Chart 

-  #17 single on Top 50 Folk Song Chart 

In addition, we've been charting on the Folk DJ Chart:

-  #17 Top Album for March 2016, #23 for April 2016 

-  #18 Top Artist for March 2016, #31 for April 2016 

Thank you to all those DJs who are spinning the record!

No Depression 

We are so honored to have received a wonderful review in the Journal of Roots Music, No Depression. Here is an excerpt:

"And the voice--- the center of the Kendrick sound? As flowing and beautiful as ever.....The voices are the core, Rowe lending a light harmonic touch where needed, content to play a supporting role as both a singer and an instrumentalist. It's the balance, you see, and the sincerity. The lack of bells and whistles, the presence of mind to make each song exactly what it is and nothing less and nothing more......Starting back around 2005 or so, I began hearing about this whole Americana thing and struggled to understand the need for a new genre. Hearing Worth the Wait has me rethinking that stance."

You can read the whole review by clicking here.