Today is release day for Worth the Wait!

If you only have five seconds: 

Our album Worth the Wait comes out TODAY on iTunesAmazon, and on our website (for the physical CD with digital download) and we hope you’ll give it a listen! 

If you only have three minutes: 

In October 2014 Dan and I had a fight.  No dishes were thrown, and no insults were hurled and later regretted (I know, we’re boring).  But it stands out as the moment we knew we’d drifted off course. 

We had done what many reasonable individuals do when faced with the challenge of raising a family: we had set aside a passion in pursuit of stability.  I bear-hugged motherhood (I’ve GOT this!) and assumed my need for fulfillment would be met entirely by my babies (no pressure kids!), while Dan figured out how to provide for our little clan. And then seven years went by. 

Where did we go? That was the essence of our fight.  They say every conflict is an opportunity for connection, but at the time, we didn’t see it that way.  We just saw we were tired, pseudo-grown ups who no longer resembled the people we were when we had met ten years before. 

The good news is, after a year and half of seemingly impossible logistics, rediscovering our incredibly resilient children, and wrangling eight years of inspiration into song, we have a new album. 

It is our attempt to right our ship. 

And if it ends up meaning something to you too, well then that would be awesome. 

Our album “Worth the Wait” comes out today and we hope you’ll give it a listen.